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Stanford’s Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, on “The National Problem of Back Pain”

Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, speaks on “Pain and the Brain” at Stanford Back Pain Education Day 2016.

Stanford’s Beth Darnall, PhD, on “Harnessing the Power of Your Thoughts for Pain Control”

Stanford’s Heather Poupore-King, PhD, on “Pain Management is a Team Sport”

Stanford’s Corinne Cooley, DPT, on “Movement as Medicine”

Stanford’s Jordan Newmark, MD, on “Opioids and Back Pain”

Stanford’s Michael Leong, MD, on “Technology for Back Pain: Spinal Cord Stimulation”

Stanford’s Nick Karayannis, PhD, on “Meditation in Motion: A Guided Experience in Tai Chi and Yoga”

Stanford’s Ming-Chih Kao, PhD, MD, on “Medications: What’s Good for Back Pain and How to Stay Safe”

Stanford’s Fiona Barwick, PhD, on “Sleep Away Your Back Pain”

Stanford’s Heather Garza, MS, RD, on “Surprise! Food Matters When It Comes to Your Back”

Social Dimensions of Pain: How Our Relationships Shape and Are Shaped By Pain

Stanford Back Pain Education Day 2016 – Q&A Panel #1

Stanford Back Pain Education Day 2016 – Q&A Panel #2