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Below are the presentations from the 2018 Sportsfisio Swiss Congress which will be of particular interest to physiotherapists.

Opening and welcome

Franco Impellizerri discusses: The Acute:Chronic workload ratio – A (very) critical appraisal

Havard Moksnes discusses the burden of overuse injuries in sports

Mick Drew presents on “Overuse injury = training load error ???” – exploring the evidence for and against

Mike Reiman – FAI Syndrome

Joanne Kemp follows up on Mike Reiman’s presentation with a look at:
Conservative treatment for FAI syndrome: Where are we now?

Rintje Agricola – The influence of athletic activities during growth on hip development

Per H√∂lmich –¬† Evolution of groin pain diagnosis and treatment over the last decade

Kristian Thorborg – How do we manage hip and groin problems in team sports

Andrea Mosler – Risk factors and prevention of groin pain

Andreas Serner – Rehabilitation and training of groin injuries

Michael Leunig – Femoroacetabular Impingement – Past, present and future

Kay Crossley – Hip OA in the athlete

Cara Lewis – Biomechanical and neuromuscular considerations in athletes with hip pain

May Arna Risberg – The role of exercise in hip OA

Abd Elbassett Abaidia – recovery strategies in soccer

Raphael Heinzer – Sleep and sport

Joshua Heerey – The relationship between hip related groin pain and bony morphology in football players

Andre Leumann – Muscle injuries in youth soccer – a cohort study

Lasse Ishoi – Return to sport and performance after Hip Arthroscopy

Lydia Bucher – Evaluation of sports scientific adaptations at the shoulder joint and core stability among elite female volleyball players

Litzy and Gojanovic Slideshow – Social media and knowledge translation – what’s in it for me?

Ewa Roos – Effective treatment for people hip and knee OA

Dr. Gil Rodas – Working together – Medical Services Sports Science Department and Innovation Hub

Paul Dijkstra – hip, risk and decision-making