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We are passionate about developing and sharing insights into the world of movement and empowering medical professionals like physiotherapists, biomechanics experts, podiatrists and chiropractors to be kept up to date with new trends and insights.

We are constantly looking for ways to empower therapists with the latest insights and will regularly post updates from around the world.

Insights from Physiotutors

Physiotutors are recognised as one of the worlds leading providers of educational material for physiotherapists. Below are some of their top tips for measuring Range of Motion (ROM), diagnosis of Frozen Shoulder, rehabilitation for Achilles Tendon repair and The Crank test:

Health in a Bottle Podcast

We are big fans of this podcast put together by healthcare professionals Mathew Cameron and Michael Usher. This podcast sees two Accredited Exercise Physiologist’s talking all things health and wellness. In depth discussions on the current research as well as interviews. These are some of our favourite episodes.

Insight into Exercise and Sports Science Australia

Duration: 52 minutes

The team interviews Anita Hobson-Powell, the CEO of Exercise and Sports Science Australia

Listen here

Exercise and mental health

Duration: 51 minutes

The team talks to Robert Stanton from the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences at Central Queensland University

Listen here

How technology is disrupting the healthcare industry

Duration: 29 minutes

The team talks to Troy Morgan who has spent 10 years in the corporate health sector before launching tech start-up MySpringDay

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5 key tips to better living

Duration: 13 minutes

The team dissects 5 tips that can make a significant difference to your health.

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Musculoskeletal Examination and Assessment of the Wrist Joint

The Core Elements team prepared this video as a revision tool for musculoskeletal examination and assessment of the peripheral joints for measuring Range of Motion.

Core Elements is founded by Dawn Morse who has a Masters Degree in Sports and Health Sciences from the University of Exeter.

If you are wanting to measure Range of Motion (ROM) don’t forget to check out our 3D Joint ROM product 

Shoulder Mobility, Warm-up and Flexibility (Range of Motion)

Elizabeth Blanchard focuses on proper body alignment for optimal sport performance and injury prevention.

Musculoskeletal Examination & Assessment of the shoulder joint

Presented by Core Elements


Knee extensions are a great exercise for both ACLR patients and PFJ pain patients as part of their comprehensive rehab plan. However, home theraband exercises can be frustrating to perform as the band slips up and down the shin. Physiotherapist Mick Hughes shares this handy tip.

Remember that you can use 3D Joint ROM to measure Knee Extension accurately and in real time.