The Movement Data Company (™)

We are a South African medical technology business  focused on adding value to multiple industries that rely on measuring and tracking body movement at high sample rates in 3D.  

Our custom technology solutions empower medical professionals to gather movement data with Bluetooth sensors and stream it in real-time to your tablet.

This allows the medical practitioner to record and then analyze data movements from high level measuring averages right through to a granular level to see nuances in the movement for a particular snapshot in time. Our solution allows for both in-practice and remote monitoring of patients and their recovery.

How does it work?

The 3D Joint ROM system allows you to measure and record your patient’s range in all 3 dimensions. You can track progress and then use the “Rehab” mode to provide the patient with a take-home kit to help them with remote monitoring and setting of recovery goals. Watch it in action in the videos below.

3D Joint ROM

Why implement the 3D Joint ROM offering in your practice

Technology is re-shaping medical practices across the globe and empowering therapists and other medical professionals to make better-informed decisions around patient treatments and recovery. Our technology is at the forefront of this movement – here is how it works: 


  • Identify a patient who requires treatment to improve the Range of Motion of any limb
  • Connect the Bluetooth sensor to the limb you wish to measure
  • Open the iPad application and start measuring
  • It’s that easy!


  • Easy to use
  • Shows your patient their improvements in beautifully displayed graphs and reports that can be easily accessed via the app.
  • Assists is motivating on-going treatment plans to medical insurance and at the same time can measure and prove the effectiveness of therapies.
  • 3D Joint ROM rehabilitation modules help restrain movement problems across multiple limbs.
  • Measures and stores data accurately per patient. Reports and data can be accessed at any time. Patients and doctors can view results history at any time

About Us

Dynamic Body Technology is focused on developing new and innovative products for the medical industry.  Our team comprises medical specialists, entrepreneurial thinkers, business and strategic leaders and most importantly our customers who provide constant feedback to help improve our products based on their usage.

Using state of the art technology combined with an experienced medical team, we create leading products for the eye care, physical therapists, occupational therapist, chiropractors.  Our product range has always been focused on developing products for both medical experts, and rehabilitation and therapeutic devices for the home user.

Pricing and Applications

Our technology solution comprises:
– Bluetooth sensors for integration with iPad
– Proprietary software for the measurement and analysis of data
– Battery kit

…. and we will shortly be adding a web interface which will allow you to look at custom and aggregated data-sets

3D Joint ROM PRO – R412/month ($27) over 12 months  (or R4450 once-off)
Our PRO offering comprises:

2 x sensors
Battery kit (20 batteries)
3D modelling module
Annual software license

3D Joint ROM

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We’re proud to announce that Dynamic Body Technology has been selected as a finalist in the GAP Innovation Awards recognising innovation in the South African biosciences sector.

The nomination see the team working with experts from The Innovation Hub in South Africa and the Emory University Goizueta Business School to rapidly bring our solutions to market.